How to hang wallpapers

Before buying

To avoid differences in shades of wallpaper, rolls should be purchased with the same batch number, which is indicated on the front side of the label. When calculating the number of rolls and cutting of strips, be sure to mind the pattern.


Preparation of surfaces

The surface of wall should be dry, solid, clean, neutral color, monochrome, and should be able to absorb moisture well. Surface, which absorbs moisture badly, should be pre-primed with a light solution of glue. Surfaces, which absorb moisture too much, should be pre-treated with a special solution which reduces the absorption. Do not apply wallpaper on moldy or damp walls.


Application of glue

We recommend you to use a specialized glue for non-woven backing wallpaper, and follow the directions on the package. The roll of wallpaper should be deployed in one direction and cut regarding to pattern repeat. Evenly apply glue on the wall with a special roller or brush, covering the area which is slightly larger than the width of the roll. Put the wallpaper on the wall and align it.


Smoothing the wallpaper

Applied wallpaper should be straightened from the middle of it to the edges with the help of a special roller until all air bubbles are disappeared. Apply the wallpaper “side-to-side”. For better bonding apply additionally some glue on the edges of wallpaper. Rests of the glue can be removed by using dry and clean cloth or sponge. You should avoid drafts and temperature changes in the room until the wallpaper is dry.


Quality guarantee

Despite the fact, that we have made everything possible for you to buy a high-quality product, we are kindly asking you to check wallpaper for quality after applying three bands. Any claims about quality of applied wallpaper are accepted only if you have followed these instructions carefully and if you have the label and the sample of wallpaper.