About our wallpapers

The wallpaper factory “Block Ltd.” specializes in the production of relief wallpapers, which are produced by gravure printing. In addition to the diversity of design, flexible pricing policy and high quality, the company pays huge attention to the environmental friendliness of its products.

In the production process, we use only high density non-woven material (130-150 g/m2) and thick paper (140 g/m2) from Belgium and Germany. The composition of our wallpapers includes high-quality German water-based paints, as well as German varnishes, which makes our wallcoverings washable and easy to use. Such type of wallpapers can be safely wiped with a damp sponge without any damage to the surface. The coating of wallcoverings is harmless and environmentally friendly, which is a great advantage in comparison to vinyl wallpapers, which contain toxic substances: phthalates and polyvinyl chloride.

Wallpapers on a non-woven base

The non-woven material, that we use to produce our wallpapers, consists of a mixture of cellulosic and polyester fibers. High-density of these wallpapers increase their durability and makes it easy to hide the unevenness of the walls.

Wallpapers on a non-woven base have got a number of positive qualities. Firstly, they do not change in size and do not shrink after drying. Secondly, such wallcoverings are much easier and faster to hang, because you apply glue only on the wall, and not on the wallpapers itself. As a result, you work with a dry cloth, which is very convenient, and do not wait the required time for the wallpapers to soak before hanging them.

Wallpapers on a non-woven base is an ideal solution for houses and brick buildings. Micro cracks, which appear on the walls with time, remain invisible under such wallcovering. Moreover, wallpapers on a non-woven base will look excellent even after a few years and will not tear.

Wallpaer on a paper base

Paper is a traditional, time-tested environmentally friendly product.

To produce our wallpapers we use high-density paper - 140 g/m2, which gives such wallcoverings good durability and helps hiding the unevenness of the walls. It is important to mention - when hanging wallpapers on a paper base, the glue must be applied not only on the wall, but also on the back side of wallpapers itself.

A significant advantage of wallpapers on a paper base is their price and environmental friendliness.

Due to all of the qualities mentioned above, we can say with confidence, that wallpapers produced by the wallpaper factory “Block Ltd.” is an ideal decision for any kind of premises, especially bedrooms and children's rooms, as they do not emit any toxic substances.