The wallpaper factory “Block Ltd.” became first and only enterprise in Ukraine that has an environmental certificate for its wallpapers!

Collections of relief non-woven wallpapers "Villa Vanilla" and "Elegant Home" received an environmental certificate UA 08.002.424, which confirms that these products do not contain harmful and toxic substances such as polyvinyl chloride and other chlorine compounds (formaldehyde, methyl acrylate, styrene, alkylnitrile and their compounds).

Moreover, pigments, paints, primers, printing varnishes and printing additives do not contain lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium, phthalates and other dangerous substances. The certificate confirms the absence of substances attributed to the risk groups of chemical effects such as toxic, highly toxic, carcinogenic, mutagenic, dangerous for reproductive functions, harmful to health or harmful to the environment.

The wallpaper factory “Block Ltd.” has implemented an innovative waste management system in the production sector. 95% of our waste products are processed as secondary raw materials by specialized organizations. In addition, not only wallpapers but also packaging materials do not contain polyvinyl chloride or other type of chlorinated or halogenated material.